A Metal Staircase In The Modern Home

Its that time of year where we start looking at our homes with fresh eyes and starting to plan exciting projects to bring new life to our homes. The staircase is one of the biggest pieces of furniture in the home and often the first thing you see when you enter the property, yet one people think last about changing. However, the staircase industry is on the rise with more styles and material choices available than ever.

For a long time now, the preferred substrate when deciding on a staircase for the home has been timber. The reason for this is due to timber being readily available, cost effective and easy to manufacture. Opposed to steel which, in the past, was expensive and difficult to work. With the continual development of modern manufacturing technologies, steel is now a much more viable material option for interior furnishings.

Cue The Metal Staircase Company…

We have the facilities to create stunning unique metal staircase designs for the home interior, complimented with beautiful timber elements. Given the trends of the recent past, we thought it was about time to challenge those negative ideas about the use of steel in the modern home.


Is steel too commercial?

There’s no doubt that steel has been used primarily in the commercial market, from shopping centres, public buildings and offices alike. The reason for this is simply that the structural properties of steel considerably outweigh that of timber. A commercial staircase needs to withstand the weight of a group of people standing on it at one time. Where 32mm Oak strings (the main structural component which supports the treads, and runs the length of the stair) would be used on a timber stair, by using steel we are able to reduce this section to 10mm.

Not only this, the joints that are standard with a traditional timber staircase are the weakest point within the structure and are less likely to withstand these forces. The beauty of using steel for the staircase strings is that we remove the need for joints by welding the junction points, fusing the steel together. Effectively creating one component. Another factor to consider is the most visually bulky element of a timber staircase is the newel post, which houses the connection to the string and often would need to go to the floor to support the staircase. With a metal staircase we can remove this component completely, together with the decreased string thickness, the visual impact of a metal staircase is much less severe.

Can a steel staircase fit in a modern home?

You just can’t ignore the natural beauty of timber. Our core range all contain timber elements, softening the aesthetic appearance of the stair, whilst also being reminiscent of a traditional style. Not only this, but by introducing glass balustrade we allow more light to pass through the staircase, brightening the surrounding hallway and giving a warmer feel to the environment. All of these materials are commonly seen throughout the home, yet rarely brought together to create a staircase. We think this is the perfect combination of new & old, natural & man-made, traditional & contemporary consequently suiting any environment.

Is it difficult to install a metal staircase?

“It’s like Meccano!” – Making the installation as simple and straightforward as possible is an important part of our design process. Our staircases can be pieced together using mechanical fixings where the component parts just bolt together or screw into place. This removes the need for complex joinery skills when installing one of our stairs. We supply detailed instructions and a tailor made fixing kit so you know exactly which screw to use and where. All of our treads are machined to size with all holes pre-drilled, so there is no need for cutting or drilling. The handrails are oversized in length and are the only item which require joining, simple mitre joints are all that’s needed. The most difficult thing will be lifting the strings into place, so make sure you call your friends!

If you don’t feel comfortable installing a metal staircase, why not take a look at our sister company First Step Designs for the full turn key solution. They offer a truly bespoke service covering a vast range of styles.


We aim to create a timeless design, a style which doesn’t falter with the change of trends. This is why we us this combination of steel, timber and glass together with simple, minimalist designs. By doing this we create a warm environment with an interesting contrast of colours and natural textures, something which every home needs.


If you want to find out more about how a Metal Staircase can compliment your home, why not speak to one of our creative designers who can give you some inspiration for your staircase project – 01782 987786 Or email us [email protected]