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The Metal Staircase Company Process

We thought it would be helpful to highlight The Metal Staircase Company process. What better way of explaining this, than through one of our most recent success stories. Not only this, but you will be able to understand how we can overcome the difficulties of fitting a staircase in a small space.

This time last year we were approached by St Albans based construction firm, Living Space Construction. The project in hand was a renovation to large open plan kitchen/living room in a period property with vaulted ceilings and a glass roof. They had built a mezzanine floor above the living room which required stair access. However there was only a small space available for the staircase to be located. Not only this but the headroom was restricted, due to the roof trusses supporting the glass canopy. Lets just say we definitely had a challenge on our hands…

Initial enquiry

The design criteria for the staircase was simple. To create a staircase which was visually light weight and allowed light to pass through the stairs, retaining the spacious and open plan feature to the room. The client selected our Seam design as their preferred style and felt that glass balustrade best suited their criteria. 

As we were unsure how the staircase would best fit in the space, we felt that it was appropriate to model the staircase on our staircase specific CAD software. We used the basic measurements that were provided to us by LSC and then presented the initial concept to them in a 3D format.



By creating a 3D model, we were able to advise more accurately on the potential design issues and highlight key areas for consideration. This is a service we offer for all of our customers that are keen to work with us further. Who able to get a feel for how the staircase will sit in the space and understand exactly what we are quoting for. A piece of mind before placing the order.

We provided Living Space Construction with a detailed quote to go with the visual, which they were quick to place an order. 

Providing the measurements

Within 24 hours of placing an order, all customers will receive a detailed survey document which is tailored to their staircase. This document contains a plan drawing of the staircase and a break down of the build up on every floor level, prompting the installer of all the measurements we require to design the staircase to the highest level of accuracy. 

It is important that the measurements provided are finished well sizes. The best point to do this is when the surrounding walls have been plaster boarded and sub-floors laid. We understand that it can be difficult to fit this into your complex build schedule, so as long as the final finishes are known measurements, these can be taken into account.

After receiving their survey document, Living Space Construction weren’t quite ready to measure. They lined the steels with timber and plaster board and installed the sub-floor before sending the accurate site measurements. In this particular case, we requested measurements for the roof trusses to understand if there was a potential headroom issue which would infringe on building regulations.

Final Design

After receiving the accurate site measurements, its now time to design the staircase in its entirety. In this case we had to manipulate the winding tread system by a considerable amount to ensure the staircase fit the space and still conform to building regulations. We had to reduce the stair width to 700mm (very narrow) but this would be the only way we could make this design work. This final design process can take up to a week dependant on the order volume at the time.

A set of detail drawings which highlighted key measurements and important features of the staircase was supplied to LSC for approval before manufacture. Once approved, we create the CNC programmes and issue technical details to our manufacturing department ready to create the finished product. The manufacturing process will not begin without your written approval. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with the design before we proceed. 


There are many components of the staircase which all require several different processes to achieve the completed product. All of our steel components are laser cut and fabricated together. The treads and handrails are CNC machined to the accurate sizes and the glass is CNC cut, toughened and polished.

All of the steel components are dry fit before they are sent to the powder coaters. On complex designs like this one, we use templates of the winder treads to check that both treads and steel components sit correctly with one another. This is an important part of our process as it guarantees that the staircase fits together before it is delivered to site and allows us to clarify the installation process.


Following manufacture and the various finishing process, our quality control team inspect all the components. Every component is suitably wrapped and packaged to protect the items in transport. All orders are supplied with a complete fixing & touch up kit. This is to help construct the staircase and ensures your staircase is installed to the highest standard.

Finally the staircase is ready for delivery. This particular staircase was manufactured and delivered to site in just over 5 weeks. This can vary depending on the style of staircase you choose, however we always suggest to allow 5 – 7 weeks.

The delivery is a curb-side delivery so we always suggest that you have plenty of people to help lift the staircase into the property.


We provided Living Space Construction with a detailed instruction guide to help them install the staircase using our recommended method. These are unique to every staircase we manufacture ensuring each instruction is specific to your project. 

We like to think our staircases fit together a bit like a Meccano set. Should you need advice throughout the installation, our technical team are always at the other end of the phone to help.

This was the end result, and needless to say we were very happy with the outcome.

We at The Metal Staircase Company pride ourselves on a product that exceeds the expectations of our customers. Why not get in touch to find out how a Metal Staircase can change your home!

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