Ben Sippel

The Metal Staircase Co – A Perfect Customer

At The Metal Staircase Company, we support our customers every step of the way. Other than receiving an outstanding staircase, we feel that one of the most important elements to customer satisfaction is their journey with us. From point of sale right through to their installation. Whether it’s picking up the phone to discuss ideas, sharing drawings to clarify the final design or sending an email to confirm the delivery date. We ensure every step is clear so there is no confusion.

Even though we are a supply only company, our service doesn’t stop when the staircase leaves the factory.


The Ideal Metal Staircase Project

A perfect example outlining this process was when Mr & Mrs King got in touch. They first made an enquiry through our website where they chose their favourite designs (Seam & Carbon) from our core range, and sent their building plans along with some measurements of their stairwell. The plans detailed a unique new build situated in the beautiful Shropshire hills. Needless to say, we were excited about their staircase project!


Enquiring About A Metal Staircase

We gave them a quick call to follow up their enquiry and to discuss further design details. They expressed that they wanted a statement staircase which allowed light to pass through the stairs, and that the material choices needed to fit in with their interior ideas.

They already had quotes from other companies, but they felt it would be a waste of money paying for someone to install the staircase when they already had highly qualified joiners and builders on site. It goes without saying, they were the perfect customer for our supply only service.

We were quick to return with a document containing a plan of their staircase, along with a quote for each design and a detailed specification. Particular features that they could change were highlighted, and the alternative options which were available to them. We also pointed them in the direction of our online Stair-Builder so they could see examples of their chosen designs in 3D.

Metal Staircase Details

Mr & Mrs King loved how easy the Stair builder was to use. They quickly placed an order for our “Seam” range with open risers. Their window frames were a dark grey so they specified an anthracite grey powder coated finished on the strings, along with oak treads, and a square cap handrail to sit on top of the glass balustrade. 

As soon as the order was placed, they were provided with a survey document which illustrated the stair layout along with critical dimensions required to accurately design their staircase. Steve, their project manager filled in the document, signed it and sent it back to us so that we could get to work straight away.

We created a detailed installation plan for the guys on site, which were accompanied with some visuals and an interactive 3D model of the final design for the King family to confirm and agree. Following written confirmation, our technical designer Ben immediately started creating a extensive parts list along with a series of manufacturing drawings and issued these to our workshop to begin realising Mr & Mrs Kings distinctive staircase project.

The Kings family home was nearing completion, so they needed a quick turn around. The manufacturing was completed in just over 4 weeks, and delivered direct to site ready for installation. With every staircase we supply detailed installation plans, highlighting the process for your builder/joiner so that they know exactly what to do at each stage.

We made sure we were to hand if their builder needed assistance, but fortunately the plans were understood and the installation was a breeze. Mr & Mrs King now have a stunning statement staircase to suit their ultra contemporary home at an unbeatable price.