Ben Sippel

Seam Staircase – New Forest, Hampshire

This is one of our most recent Seam projects completed on the edge of the New Forest, Hampshire. Renovating their entire property, Mr & Mrs Templeman were keen to compliment their modern interior with a staircase that fit the same criteria. The staircase is seen instantly walking through the front door and is a major feature in their new home.

Metal cut string staircase with laminated glass and oak treads

Concept Creation

The couple visited us at our workshop here in Stoke-on-Trent, where we discussed design ideas in the showroom. After narrowing down the criteria to a few key points, we quickly visualised their ideas in 3D so they could understand what this would look like. We made a few alterations to the design to suit their building requirements and they left that day with a complete picture of their chosen design.

Design Criteria

Mr & Mrs Templeman were particularly drawn to the zig-zag feature of our cut string style staircase, where the top of the string followed the form of the treads. Glass balustrade was an important criteria, as the view from their glass fronted house was out into the New Forest. They planned on sitting on the gallery landing looking out into nature and hoping to welcome some of that inside. Opting for a balustrade without a handrail seemed the only way forward.

Laminated glass balustrade to compliment a metal staircase


When creating the final drawings, one of our Technical Designers – Ben, recognised an opportunity to create an interesting feature. Where the main string ran into the smaller string, the depth needed to be increased for a more substantial weld. This was calling out for a smooth flowing curve, which we then mirrored on the wall strings. An inspiring detail, which wouldn’t be seen on a conventional timber staircase. There’s no set way of designing a staircase, and its often the details that matter. That’s why we encourage our designers to put their spin on things.

Close up of string detail on a metal staircase

Manufacture & Delivery

The staircase was assembled and winder treads tested before adding the finishing touches (powder coat). Delivered in just 5 weeks, ready to be installed. The builders working on Mr & Mrs Templeman’s house were the guys in install the staircase. Working on a project of that calibre, we can see they had no problem and have done an excellent job!

Dry fit of a metal staircase showing construction

Metal staircase with anthracite strings, laminated glass and solid oak treads

Metal staircase with oak tread details

Fastening method for oak treads on a metal staircase


Thanks to Ben for an amazing staircase design for our open plan hallway. You have been a pleasure to work with and kept us informed regarding the design and manufacture. Delivery was on time, installation went smoothly and we are really impressed with the results. Everyone who visits is impressed with the quality and design, it has transformed the space and the glass balustrade has really enabled us to appreciate the views.


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