Ben Sippel

How do you design a Metal Staircase?

It is often difficult to imagine what your new staircase might look like, especially if you are looking for that one-of-a-kind, statement staircase. Several factors come in to play: What is your staircase layout? Which particular design have you gone for? What materials have you decided to use? All of these elements make it very difficult to imagine the overall appearance of your staircase, and especially the smaller details. We were continually getting asked these questions, and found ourselves spending a lot of time visualising ideas for the customer only to find that they get thrown in the bin.

Every staircase is different

We wanted to create a way in which we could showcase these details, but without creating a unique drawing each and every time. By restricting the variables of the design process, we figured that it would be easy enough for the customer to create their own staircase if they were given the right tools. This led us to the idea of creating an online Stair-Builder which we could import our core range in to, and in a variety of different layouts. By doing this we can illustrate the main features of each design for the customer, but any bespoke feature would need to be drawn up on a per-job basis.

The main features that we wanted the customer to control were: The style; choosing from one of our core range in either open or closed plan. The configuration; here they could choose a layout which was reminiscent of their desired or existing layout. Finally the style; here they should be able to choose which timber they would like and a variety of colours for the strings.

And so the Stair-Builder was born!

The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly with a clear process and obvious buttons to define the details. You can drill down through the configurator selecting your favourite features, with the 3D model updating as you go along. Each option is illustrated with a small thumbnail image defining the feature you are selecting, together with a small drop down description. The 3D model in the middle of the page is fully interactive, allowing you to rotate and pan around your design, as well as the ability to zoom in to see the finer details. Not only does the model update each and every time, but in the bottom left corner we have included a live price which is constantly changing depending on the choices you make.

Go on, give it a spin! Follow the link to our Stair-Builder and bring your ideas to life!

If you like the look of one of the Staircase Family, why not get in touch to create your truly bespoke design! Simply call us on 01782 987786 or email [email protected]